Testicular varicose veins (varicocele testis)

Testicular varicose veins ( Varicocele testis)

Ambulante OperationExtension of the venous flow from the testes, whereby the venous blood is squeezed in the wrong direction, namely towards the testes.

Around 15% of men have a testicular varicose vein, usually located on the left side. A testicular varicose vein can lead to a lessening of male reproductive capability (subfertility, infertility). However, there is no all-or-nothing link.

In the event of subfertility, appropriate therapy of the testicular varicose vein can enhance sperm quality.

Forms of therapy include antegrade sclerosis of the varicose veins and microsurgical ligation of the veins (ligature of the extended blood vessels under a surgical microscope).

We perform this Operation according to Prof. Dr. Tauber.

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