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Vasectomy – sterilisation

(Vasectomy = male sterilisation, or ligation of the sperm ducts)

No-scalpel vasectomy (NSV)
is a less invasive intervention for the ligation of both spermatic ducts

Preliminary information
Male sterilisation by vasectomy is carried out by means of the ligation of the two spermatic ducts. This leads to definitive infertility, without impairing sexual performance. Although vasectomy is a definitive intervention, nowadays it is possible under certain circumstances to restore fertility..

The intervention

This is a day-care operation, carried out under local anaesthetic, and it lasts around 25 minutes.
In no-scalpel vasectomy, around 1.5 cm of locally anaesthetised skin in the middle of the testicles is splayed with special forceps, both sperm ducts are exposed through this small opening in the skin, and severed. A piece of each sperm duct, around 3 cm long, is removed; the ends are sclerosed with electrical pincers, and also tied with a thread. The opening in the skin is stitched with thread that subsequently dissolves and therefore does not have to be removed.

op-01We have been applying the new no-scalpel vasectomy technique in our practice since 1999, with approximately 150 interventions each year. The minimally invasive technique is absolutely painless, except for the small scratch required for local anaesthetising of skin and spermatic ducts. Most men are very ready to accept this procedure.

After the intervention you do not need to lie in bed or rest. On the following day you can take a shower, etc., but sauna is not recommended. It is possible that in a few rare cases there will be a small bruise, or that the skin will turn a little blue on the day after the operation. This is no cause for concern.

Sexual intercourse can be resumed when you feel up to it. However, since live sperm cells can still be present for up to 12 weeks after the operation, contraceptive measures are absolutely essential during this period; for instance, condoms. Unprotected sexual intercourse may only take place when testing of ejaculation samples yields no live sperm cells.

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