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Sexual medicine - Sexual disorders

(Sexual medicine academy)

Treatment of sexual disorders in men and women


  • Sexual history*
  • Libido loss*
  • Hormone testing*
  • Diagnosis of organic disorders*
    (in men, visual display of penis arteries, testing of erectile tissues, measurement of nerve paths, nocturnal erection)
  • Erection disorders
  • Premature ejaculation, etc.


  • Individual sexual therapy*Counselling, behaviour therapy, psychotherapeutic intervention, phytotherapy (treatment with herbal remedies and natural hormones), electrostimulation
  • Couple counselling*

* (Extended investigations with extra payment for patients covered by statutory medical insurance.)

Complete spectrum of urological sonography, especially

  • Abdominal diagnosis – including kidneys, Bladder and prostate gland
  • Special prostate sonography via the rectum for early discovery of prostatic diseases (transrectal ultrasound sonography)
  • Investigation of penile blood vessels (arteries), in the event of erection disorders, by means of colour-coded arterial display (colour duplex sonography of the penis arteries)

Erectile tissue diagnostic measures for determining the cause of erection disorders and impotence:

paderie1 paderie2
  • Corpus cavernosum electromyography (CCEMG)
  • Assessment of smooth muscular potential of the penis / erectile tissue by means of surface electrodes
  • Measurement / assessment of nocturnal erections (so-called rigidity measurement)
  • Investigation of penis arteries by colour duplex sonography

l messungMeasurement of the penis nerve path. The smooth muscle cells of the erectile tissue are given nerve impulses approximately every 15 – 20 seconds (comparable to peristalsis). CCEMG makes it possible to distinguish easily between erection disorders caused by organic malfunction and those attributable to the psyche.

AuswertungThis curve shows the normal erectile tissue potential of a healthy 64-year old man who came to our practice with psychological erection problems. This investigation demonstrates clearly the synchronised functioning of the two corpora cavernosa (above = right corpus, below = left corpus).

When men say they never have erections, it is possible to measure nocturnal erections by means of a small piece of equipment the man can take home with him. In this case the computer evaluation of one night showed that the man had a total of four nocturnal erections, visible in the rising green curves. The erections occur during the phases of deep sleep (the so-called REM – rapid eye movement – phases).

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